Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pass the Red Bull!

I am so exhausted that I haven't even had the energy to write lately. Hence the silence. I decided to force myself to sit down with the laptop, and turn my attention to my blog, rather than idly reading the Baby and Bump forum, which I must say, has become my best friend in the past few weeks.

I am 27 weeks and 1 day pregnant today - but I feel and look about 12 months pregnant! My body is slowly shutting down on me. I can't move, think, or even speak. In fact, my sister actually thought I'd been secretly hitting the bottle as I was slurring my words so much the other day!! I had to convince her that the only type of bottle on my mind lately, is which type of bottle is best used for breastfed babies! (I've decided to go with Nuk bottles, in case you're wondering).

I knew that carrying twins must be hard work, but I don't think you ever comprehend just how hard it is, unless it happens to you. My hormones are ALL over the place (I cry at the drop of a hat), the mood swings are horrendous, and as for the pain and discomfort - lets not even go there! I look like an elephant yet feel as fragile as Humpty Dumpty (I will crack I tell you!).

This pregnancy has been a learning curve for me. It has taught me resistance ( I will resist the urge to hit hubby over the head with the frying pan, no matter how much he's annoying me), patience (I must stop rushing around as I don't want to faint from the head rush), determination (I CAN put my own underwear on if I just try a little harder to lift up my damn leg!) and the ability to swallow my pride and accept help from my loved ones, when it is offered.

I phoned up one of my sisters yesterday in tears. I needed to get my frustrations out so I moaned to her about the lack of energy and how the place was a mess, yet how I couldn't clean up because I hardly had the energy to even move from my sofa! I cried that I didn't even have the energy to cook ,so had been living on toast for breakfast and lunch lately, until hubby came home to cook. My sister immediately offered to come round and help after an appointment she had. At first I declined her offer and told her I wasn't hinting for help, just merely having a moan and that I would be far too embarrassed to have my sis come and clean for me. She insisted that I didn't have to do this on my own, after all "what are family for?" A few hours later, she came to my rescue with her friend, rubber gloves in one hand, lunch for me in the other! I am eternally grateful to her for all the support and help she has given me since the beginning of this pregnancy.

I am hoping the next 10 weeks that I have left whizz by. I am sure that once my little men are here, it will be very hard work, but at least I will gain back control of my body. In the meantime, all I can say is - pass me the Red Bull. Apparently, it gives you wings. Maybe then I can fly off this sofa...


  1. Oof, and when I think that I was still plodding into the office at 27 weeks pregnant with twins! There was a wall halfway on the walk between the station and my office and I used to have a sit down there to catch my breath!

    Remembering the struggle to get my underwear on makes me giggle! I got stuck in the bath once - literally couldn't get myself out (the term 'beached whale' comes to mind) and I had to get my husband to come and haul me out..

  2. Aaah thats why I dont even contemplate a bath! Stick to showers me thinks :)