Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Birthday Blues?

It is my dear hubby's 40th birthday today. "Farty at forty", he keeps telling me! Not quite sure why he wants to joke about flatulence, but he has one of those sense of humours. I think it stems from the fear of getting old - laugh it off and it trivialises it. The idea of being a dad to three small children somewhat scares him slightly. "Will I have the energy to run after them and play with them?" Course you won't, I joke back, but that has nothing to do with your age!

It isn't just him with these niggly worries. Nearly three weeks ago I celebrated my 30th. Well, I say celebrated, but to be honest with you, when you are 23 weeks pregnant with twins, you can hardly move from the spot, let alone celebrate! I had grand plans for our birthdays this year. We were both reaching important milestones so I was going to arrange big parties - maybe a joint one. Yet our twins had other ideas and decided to join the party and so our focus changed from us, to them - naturally! Now the only thing that will be keeping me up in the small hours of the night, is not my partying, but my weak bladder. As I sit wide awake at 3am in the morning, on the edge of the bed in the dark, trying to reason with twin 1 that kicking mummy in the bladder at this hour is really not on, I wonder if I am truly prepared for the double delights that will come with twins! "OMG OMG I'll never sleep again", goes the mantra in my head.

I am 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Every week is a great achievement for me as I know that twins can come early. So the more my little buns cook, the more I can relax and try to enjoy the pregnancy. After all, this will be the last time I'll be pregnant. The last time I will feel a baby move and kick inside me. The last time I will be creating a miracle (two miracles!). So I try to remind myself to enjoy it. Yes, even the difficult parts of the pregnancy, and believe me, there are plenty of them!

And so as I wish hubby a very happy birthday, and remind him that you're as old as the woman you feel (so you're only 30 babe!) I promise him that we are going to celebrate an important birthday this year - the birthday of our twins in approximately 12 weeks time - and what can be more important or exciting than that!?!

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