Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Spreading the news...

And so the phone calls began. The moment I left the sonographer's room, I grabbed my bag and manically began punching my family's phone numbers into my mobile. How do I tell them there's two on the way? They were already worried about how we would cope with one more baby financially, so I wasn't sure how they would take the news of two! Hell, I wasn't even sure how to take the news yet.

I began all my conversations in the same way "Are you sitting down?" To my great relief though, my family were so excited and happy for us. After initially laughing at me (not sure why they found it soo funny!) they all promised that all would be ok and they would be there to help and do what they could - thank God for family hey! As I screeched down the line that I'm expecting twins, I could see the other expectant mothers in the waiting room looking over at me and whispering to their partner "she's expecting twins". Should have realised then what a head-turner twins are, but I was soon to find out.

There was just one more person to break the news to - in fact the most important person in all this - our little boy, Kaya. Funny thing is, when I told my son a few weeks prior to the scan that "mummy had a baby in her tummy" his response to this was that he wanted "two babies", to which I promptly told him that mummy couldn't have two babies. Little did she know....

Now that his wish had become a reality, I was a little nervous about giving him the news, just in case he thought it through and changed his mind - after all, bad enough having to share your toys with one sibling, let alone two! When I sat him on my lap and told him mummy does in fact have two babies in her tummy, his replied "well Sevcan (his aupair) has TEN babies in her tummy!!" then hopped off my lap and ran off to play. Well that told me!!

I figured he didn't quite understand what I was trying to tell him and I would try to explain again another time. Wrong! He understood alright. The next day I logged onto facebook to find a message from my colleague (who was also Kaya's nursery nurse - I work in a school) congratulating me on the twins, saying that Kaya told everyone in his class and therefore all the staff knew!! That child is like a walking newspaper!!

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