Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Silence is Golden

Hey, can you hear that?? Listen very carefully, what can you hear? Nothing? EXACTLY! The silence surrounds me, like an old, much-missed familiar friend, licking my wounds and comforting my battered soul. I may sound like a drama queen, but silence is a complete and utter luxury these days - one of the rare gems that is sought after but hardly found. I sometimes try to escape for five minutes, just to have some time to myself, a little blissful silence. The only place I can go without anyone trying to stop me is the loo. So I make my excuses ("I need the loo again. I know I know, fifth time this morning, what can I say, I carried twins, weak bladder now!") and make a run for it. I manage a good 3 minutes of golden silence and time to myself before I'm dragged back to reality with a "NAAAAAZ, what are you doing in there?? Hurry up, the twins are behind the tv pulling the wires again!" Aaaah well, it was good while it lasted....

My beautiful boys are nearly 15 months old now and 'chaotic' is the most fitting word to use to describe our life at the moment. They are typical toddlers; curious, full of energy and mischief and think - well not think - KNOW that they rule the roost. My day consists of running after them, (often pulled in different directions), stopping them from climbing up furniture, wrecking the tv or beating each other up. I'm also often found rescuing their older brother who they've realised they can gang up on, or the cat, who is shivering in a corner, looking for an escape route! I'm starting to think that the Kray brothers have some competition on their hands - my 'K' twins are in training to be the new mafia about town in Essex!

I'm amazed I've found the time to write this blog this morning, but thankfully after terrorising and tag-teaming me and poor hubby all night and finally waking at 5am this morning, the boys are actually exhausted for a change and are having an early nap. I should be catching some zzzzzz too while I have the chance, but after 5 months of inactivity on my blog, I thought I'd use this opportunity for a quick update. But alas, it was not to last - one of my munckins has just woken up, so I'll have to say goodbye. I'll probably see you for another update in another 5 months or so - IF i'm still alive! :)