Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Missed Me??

Its been just over a year since I last updated my blog. A combination of laziness, broken laptop and no time on my hands meant I've not been able to sit down and write for so long.  And oh, how I've missed it. This blog has been the last link to my writing days. For those who don't know me, my passion is writing. I have a BA honours in Creative Writing and I used to write a column for a local newspaper, which seems a lifetime ago now. So writing this blog, is the only bit of the 'old me' pre-children.  I'm happy to say that I now have a brand new PC, I'm trying to conquer the laziness, and so here I am! Unfortunately, I still have no time on my hands - in fact, even less so than before.  Becasue in the last year that I've not been able to update this blog, something happened to turn my world a little bit more chaotic. I've had a baby girl!!

Sooo I've gone from three beautiful children, to four now. Yes, I must be mad, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My beautiful girl Aylin, is a much wanted and welcome addition to our family. She is the last piece of the jigsaw. She completes us. The twins were not too sure about their new baby sister to begin with.  Kaan whom I thought would be affected the most, as he's a real mummy's boy, took it in his stride and was curious, but cautious about this small little creature that had suddenly become part of his world.  Kerem was inconsolable! He cried for two days, every time he was reminded of her, which was often.  He refused to give any of us cuddles and rejected us when we tried to comfort him.  I tried to get him to like his sister. I placed her on his lap and told him she was 'his baby', he pushed her away. I'd ask him to come and have a look at the baby, he angrily replied 'no baby!'. He'd walk away if I walked into the room holding her. It took alot of love, patience and cojoling to get him to come round and finally see that she is the best gift I could ever give them. Aylin is now three months old, and I'm happy to say that they love her to bits.  If she cries, they both run up to her and stroke her, saying 'no cry baby Aylin, no cry'.  Kerem took to calling her 'baby elephant' for awhile, but I'm sure he meant it in a nice way, as he loves elephants.

The boys have changed so much in the past year.  They still talk in their own language.  I still dont understand them. The good news is that they are also making an effort to talk English, as opposed to just 'Twinese'. They are putting sentences together and finally communicating with us in a language we understand! Kerem is a little more advanced than Kaan. He seems more confident to hold conversations.  Kaan on the other hand, prefers to talk in 'Kaanese' - his own unique language that only Kerem understands. They are so amazing to watch, especially when playing together.  They laugh, hug, sing together and fight, sometimes getting so vicious with each other that I have to break them up before they do any damage, yet there's no denying the bond that they so clearly have.  They've started nursery twice a week this week, so I'm hoping that will help them calm down and learn how to play and share more harmoniously.

Kaya, my big man, is as always my little helper.  Always trying to help, always so much more mature than his six years.  He adores his little sister and is very close to his brothers. He amazes me every day with how caring, loving, sensitive and protective he is of his siblings. I'm so very proud of him, even if I don't tell him as much as I should do.  For all of the help he gives us, I decided he needed an outlet - something that is just for him that doesn't involve the twins.  So we enrolled him into karate and he's been going for the last six months.  He's already onto his red belt and as with everything he does, hes brilliant at it. 

I'm sure that so much more has happened that I've skipped, but the important stuff have been covered. I'll try and update as often as my four monkeys let me. And will post a new picture soon.  Thank you for reading. I'll be back!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Seeing in the New Year

Hubby and I laid in bed in the dark last night, watching a romantic comedy with the subtitles on and the volume turned down, while eating dry roasted peanuts and having a small glass of Magners Pear Cider. This is how we saw the New Year in. No loud music. No dancing. No drunkeness. Just a couple lying in bed, watching a movie, and desperately trying not to wake their toddler twins, who are still in the same bedroom as us.Welcome 2012 - just make sure you come quietly as I want to make sure I get a good night's sleep. It would have gone to plan, except Kaan woke up several times and was sick everywhere, Kaya woke up crying because he fell asleep before I got to read him a bedtime story and Kerem decided to wake up and have a full blown conversation about God (and Kaan) know's what. Whatever he had to say, it sounded very important. Hopefully this year, I'll start to understand their conversations (either they'll learn my language, or I'll just have to learn theirs!). And so another year begins. We may not have partied like it's 1999. We may not have been surrounded by extended family and friends. It may not be the most exciting way to see the new year in, but it suited us just fine. Because I was with the most important people in my life; my husband and my sons. Until the boys are older, this is how it'll have to be. But that's ok, I'll happily give up parties to be with my little family.I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. This time last year, we had moved in with my parents as I was struggling to look after the twins alone (I would have a panic attack at the thought of being alone with them). My mum was there for me from the moment the twins were born, but all the coming and going from my place to hers was tiring her out, so she asked us to come and stay with her and we accepted. The twins were 4.5 months old. They are now nearly 18 months (in two days time) and we finally feel ready to move back to our home. I no longer go into a mad panic at the thought of being alone with them. I no longer feel imcompetent. I know I can do it. Yes I'm sure I'll mess up and make mistakes along the way - but what mother doesn't?? Motherhood doesn't not come with a manual. You live it and learn through it.When I look into the faces of my three beautiful children, I realise that I can't be doing that badly, for I have three very happy, healthy boys who adore me. For now. In the words of the poet Philip Larkin "They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do.They fill you with the faults they had. And add some extra, just for you"........Every time I feel like a failure as a mother, I think of these verses, and have a little chuckle to myself. I'd like to think my parent's haven't messed me up. I seem quite sane (sometimes), I'm pretty normal (usually) and a lovely person (if I'm not crossed), so hopefully I won't be messing up my own kids. Hopefully....Soooo, Happy New Year to everyone. May it bring us all health, wealth & happiness. And may it bring me more sleep at nights, less fights to break up during the days and more of a social life. Amen!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Silence is Golden

Hey, can you hear that?? Listen very carefully, what can you hear? Nothing? EXACTLY! The silence surrounds me, like an old, much-missed familiar friend, licking my wounds and comforting my battered soul. I may sound like a drama queen, but silence is a complete and utter luxury these days - one of the rare gems that is sought after but hardly found. I sometimes try to escape for five minutes, just to have some time to myself, a little blissful silence. The only place I can go without anyone trying to stop me is the loo. So I make my excuses ("I need the loo again. I know I know, fifth time this morning, what can I say, I carried twins, weak bladder now!") and make a run for it. I manage a good 3 minutes of golden silence and time to myself before I'm dragged back to reality with a "NAAAAAZ, what are you doing in there?? Hurry up, the twins are behind the tv pulling the wires again!" Aaaah well, it was good while it lasted....

My beautiful boys are nearly 15 months old now and 'chaotic' is the most fitting word to use to describe our life at the moment. They are typical toddlers; curious, full of energy and mischief and think - well not think - KNOW that they rule the roost. My day consists of running after them, (often pulled in different directions), stopping them from climbing up furniture, wrecking the tv or beating each other up. I'm also often found rescuing their older brother who they've realised they can gang up on, or the cat, who is shivering in a corner, looking for an escape route! I'm starting to think that the Kray brothers have some competition on their hands - my 'K' twins are in training to be the new mafia about town in Essex!

I'm amazed I've found the time to write this blog this morning, but thankfully after terrorising and tag-teaming me and poor hubby all night and finally waking at 5am this morning, the boys are actually exhausted for a change and are having an early nap. I should be catching some zzzzzz too while I have the chance, but after 5 months of inactivity on my blog, I thought I'd use this opportunity for a quick update. But alas, it was not to last - one of my munckins has just woken up, so I'll have to say goodbye. I'll probably see you for another update in another 5 months or so - IF i'm still alive! :)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Birthday Boys

By the time I finish writing this post, it'll be midnight. 3rd July. Your birthday. I cannot believe a whole year has gone by already. This date last year, I was sitting on a gym ball, jumping up and down while listening to Rihana on my portable dvd player, hoping that all the jigging up and down would kickstart the labour. You - my boys - came crash, bang , wollop into my life a few hours later (6.03pm and 6.07pm), bringing me the type of happiness, exhaustion, love & pain that I never imagined was possible. You, my sons, have enriched my life in ways I can never explain, no matter how hard I try.

I once told my mum not long after Kaya was born, that it would be unfair to have anymore kids, because I loved Kaya so much that there could not possibly be more room left in my heart to love another child as I do him. I am so happy to say that I was very wrong. Yes my heart was too small to hold such a powerful love for three such beautiful boys like you - so it grew threehold to accomodate that love. It is now fit to burst and I am just so so so proud of all three of you and so happy that you have chosen me to be your mummy.

You have grown so much in the last year. You were both so tiny, so fragile looking, that I was too afraid to hold you. Now you are such big strapping boys. So full f energy, mischief and character. I look into those beautiful big brown eyes and cannot believe that I have twins! I have twins. Two, not one, TWO beautiful baby boys. As I sit here writing this, I can feel the tears at the tip of my eyelashes ready to fall. One year olds already. Where has the time flown??

I know that in a few years to come (in a blink of an eye), I will be sitting here in front of a PC, writing you your 16th birthday message, crying and gushing and smiling because my beautiful boys are now young men, making me proud of them every day. And I know you will my babies. My angels. Happy birthday Kaan. Happy Birthday Kerem. I love you so so much and I always will, no matter how many tantrums, or teenage strops that will be coming my way. May you have a birthday that is as wonderful, as special as you boys are! xxxx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

You know when you're a twin mum when.......:)

This blog was inspired from a thread a fellow twin mum started on a forum. After I wrote my long list, I thought I'd share it with you.

You know when you're a twin mum when:

You get excited at the thought of going to Asda, cos THAT's a day out for you now!

Everyone at Asda knows yours and your twins names.

You have a fifteen minute conversation about your twins with a complete stranger at the shops.

You dress your twins the same not because its cute, because it's easier.

You see twins everywhere.

You get excited when you see a buy one get one free sign.

You approach a twin mum without hesitation.

You get really irritated when people mix up their names and bark the right name at them.

You have the biceps of a man as you're walking around all day carrying two babies.

Your back and shoulder-blades kill because of the above.

You drop something and without hesitation pick it up with your toes.

you feed two (in my case three) kids with one bowl one spoon in one go!

You want to punch anyone who says they're tired.

You can't go out the house without being stopped by random strangers.

You avoiding going places because your pushchair won't fit.

You hate packs of 3

You can spot a fellow twin mum a mile off (and not because she has her twins with her, but because of the air of exhaustion and desperation around them).

You never answer your phone anymore and you never return anyone's calls (no time!)

Waking up t 7am in the morning is a lie-in for you!

You're tucked up in bed and snoring away by 8pm every night.

You're lucky if you get to wash everyday.

You get annoyed at people who coo "aaaaah twins, I want twins"

You get annoyed at people who says "better you than me"

You get annoyed at someone who asks if twins run in the family.

You get annoyed if someone says "double trouble".

You get annoyed when people ask you "are they twins?" when it's clear that they are!

You get annoyed when you tell people they are identical and they then go on to ask if they are boy/girl twins!

You get annoyed when people ask if one's a boy and one's a girl when they are clearly BOTH dressed in blue.

You just get annoyed! lol

Shopping takes you twice as long as before.

The fact that people ask you intimate questions such as whether you are breastfeeding, whether you delievered them naturally and whether you had IVF to conceive twins doesn't faze you anymore.

You find yourself holding in your pee for HOURS and it becomes second nature and before you know it you don't even realise that you need to pee anymore, or that you've been holding on for the last 3 hours!!

Three hours sleep in one go seems like bliss.

You laugh hysterically when your partner mentions sex cos you know it's not happening anytime soon (you'll be lucky if you get any for the next two years buster!)

Your best friends are now ladies on a forum you've never met!

The idea of having a singleton seems like a piece of cake and you're now certain you could take care of a singleton with your eyes blindfolded and your hands tied behind your back.

You toy with the idea of returning to work full time so that you could get some rest!

But at the end of the day, you have two chubby little arms that go round you, two cute little faces to kiss, two gorgeous smiles that melt your heart and ALL that day's hardships melt away and you know its all worth it and that you are the luckiest woman alive.

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Milky Bars are no longer on me

My beautiful boys are exactly 11 months today. Eleven months has flown by in a heartbeat. Its a bit of a sad day for me today as I've finally admitted to myself that it is time to stop breastfeeding my little monkeys. They are just not interested in mummy milk anymore. The world around them is far more interesting to be stuck on mummy's lap, feeding. So for the last time this morning, I took my little boys onto my lap, breastfed them together (tandem), then apart for the very last time...

I took some pictures so that I can look back and reminice, then officially closed down the "Milk Bar" (my hubby's phrasing, not mine - he brought a whole new meaning to the line "the milky bars are on me"!). I feel relieved and sad all at the same time. I was never sure I'd be able to BF the twins, but I promised myself I'd try and I think I have done brillliantly, considering how hellish the first month. I should be happy I've done it this long and that I can finally have my boobs back, but it kind of feels like it's admitting they are now longer babies anymore but on their way to toddlerhood - I waaaant my babies baaaaaaaaaccckkk!!!

I'll miss the cuddles and that special feeling I got when they snuggled up against me, suckling away, sighing contentedly as they fell asleep in my arms. I will miss how they would dive into my chest, pulling at my top, trying to get to their mummy milk. I will miss that no matter what upset them, or how upset they were, it could all be so solved and the tears would immediately stop just by breastfeeding them. And most importantly I will miss the one-on-one quality time I had with each twin as I fed them.

So it's an end to one chapter, and I'm sure the beginning of a whole lot more. Four more weeks and we'll be celebrating their first birthday. I cannot believe how quickly a year has gone by - and more importantly, I cannot believe I survived it!! Must be made of stronger stuff than I thought.... Right, I'm off to chuck away my ugly nursing bras and buy some new underwired bras that will mean my breasts will be back to where they belong, rather than down my knees! Hubby is in for a treat, no more granny boobs! :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Me, myself and I

To say that the last month or so has been a challenge would be an understatement! I knew it would be hard work the moment the words left my mum's mouth. She was going to Cyprus on holiday - for 5 weeks!! OMG how was I going to cope without her? What would I do without her help? Would I be able to manage?

I first realised how much I needed my mum when the boys were about 4 weeks old or so. For the first four weeks of their life my mum lived with me. She helped me with everything, from washing the boys, to putting them to sleep, and even cooking and cleaning for me. She would even take the boys from me at night and look after them, doing all the night feeds (with expressed breast milk), while I slept till the morning. But when she decided that she needed a night in her own home and was leaving me for the evening, I had a panic attack. I just didn't feel I could cope. Seeing me so panicked, my mum ended up coming and going for another 4 months until in the end, I decided it would just be easier for us to move in with her. That way I'd have her to hand 24/7!

So you can imagine my horror when my mum informed me she was off on holiday for a much needed, and a very much deserved break. I don't begrudge my mum anything, of course she must go, but I could feel that old familiar feeling of panic setting in. The boys were now 9 months old, very active, very demanding - I needed her more than ever, or so I thought. I kept how I was feeling under wraps though, as I didn't want to make her feel guilty, and other than the occasional joke about her abandoning me, I assured her I'd be fine.

And so for the first time since the boys were born, I was left completely to my own devices. There was my dad and hubby of course, and he would watch the boys if I needed a quick loo break or a quick shower, but other than that, there was not much he could do. As for hubby, he doesn't get home until after 6pm, which by then the boys are in bed. The biggest help dad did for me was to do the school runs for Kaya. Unfortunately my poor mum didn't get the rest she needed and ended up having an accident and hurt her back in the first week of her holiday, so my dad had to rush to Cyprus to be with her, leaving me completely alone...

And so the merri-go-round of school runs, feeding the boys, entertaining them, taking them up and down the stairs (one under each arm, who needs dumbells) bathing them alone etc, etc, began. Things that I would normally had help with, I had to learn to do alone. The feeling of panic, turned to desperation and depression. Until on the third day I realised something.... Not only was I coping, but I was enjoying it! The boys were thriving, and I was loving the fact that I had the boys all to myself, and managing just fine, thank you very much!

In those five weeks, my little men learnt how to crawl, pull themselves up on furniture and cruise and have started to babble away, having proper conversations with each other. Their gummy smiles and little personalities helped me pull through and see the bright side of things at the most difficult of moments. The hardest thing for us has been the nights. I think that there was so much change what with their nan then grandpa leaving, that the boys became very clingy and would wake several times a night wanting to sleep with us. Yet hubby and I coped. We got on with it and by the fourth week of my parents being away, I decided to tackle our sleepless nights too. It meant alot of willpower and a few tearful, frustrating and even more sleepless nights. After going cold turkey with the night feeds (they were still breastfeeding at night) and refusing to pick them up and using a little bit of the CC technique, we have managed to get the boys more settled at night. They are not sleeping through just yet, but in the last 3 nights, I've had more sleep than I've had in the last nine months! Hopefully they will soon settle even more and start sleeping through. Fingers crossed. Most importantly, I've learnt out of this experience that I am perfectly capable of looking after my boys, all by myself. Yes the house was a bit of a mess as I hardly had any spare time. Yes I went hungry as I didn't have time to cook. BUT I discovered that there's only three people I need to cope - me, myself and I - we can do just fine all on our own! :)