Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

You know when you're a twin mum when.......:)

This blog was inspired from a thread a fellow twin mum started on a forum. After I wrote my long list, I thought I'd share it with you.

You know when you're a twin mum when:

You get excited at the thought of going to Asda, cos THAT's a day out for you now!

Everyone at Asda knows yours and your twins names.

You have a fifteen minute conversation about your twins with a complete stranger at the shops.

You dress your twins the same not because its cute, because it's easier.

You see twins everywhere.

You get excited when you see a buy one get one free sign.

You approach a twin mum without hesitation.

You get really irritated when people mix up their names and bark the right name at them.

You have the biceps of a man as you're walking around all day carrying two babies.

Your back and shoulder-blades kill because of the above.

You drop something and without hesitation pick it up with your toes.

you feed two (in my case three) kids with one bowl one spoon in one go!

You want to punch anyone who says they're tired.

You can't go out the house without being stopped by random strangers.

You avoiding going places because your pushchair won't fit.

You hate packs of 3

You can spot a fellow twin mum a mile off (and not because she has her twins with her, but because of the air of exhaustion and desperation around them).

You never answer your phone anymore and you never return anyone's calls (no time!)

Waking up t 7am in the morning is a lie-in for you!

You're tucked up in bed and snoring away by 8pm every night.

You're lucky if you get to wash everyday.

You get annoyed at people who coo "aaaaah twins, I want twins"

You get annoyed at people who says "better you than me"

You get annoyed at someone who asks if twins run in the family.

You get annoyed if someone says "double trouble".

You get annoyed when people ask you "are they twins?" when it's clear that they are!

You get annoyed when you tell people they are identical and they then go on to ask if they are boy/girl twins!

You get annoyed when people ask if one's a boy and one's a girl when they are clearly BOTH dressed in blue.

You just get annoyed! lol

Shopping takes you twice as long as before.

The fact that people ask you intimate questions such as whether you are breastfeeding, whether you delievered them naturally and whether you had IVF to conceive twins doesn't faze you anymore.

You find yourself holding in your pee for HOURS and it becomes second nature and before you know it you don't even realise that you need to pee anymore, or that you've been holding on for the last 3 hours!!

Three hours sleep in one go seems like bliss.

You laugh hysterically when your partner mentions sex cos you know it's not happening anytime soon (you'll be lucky if you get any for the next two years buster!)

Your best friends are now ladies on a forum you've never met!

The idea of having a singleton seems like a piece of cake and you're now certain you could take care of a singleton with your eyes blindfolded and your hands tied behind your back.

You toy with the idea of returning to work full time so that you could get some rest!

But at the end of the day, you have two chubby little arms that go round you, two cute little faces to kiss, two gorgeous smiles that melt your heart and ALL that day's hardships melt away and you know its all worth it and that you are the luckiest woman alive.

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