Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Milky Bars are no longer on me

My beautiful boys are exactly 11 months today. Eleven months has flown by in a heartbeat. Its a bit of a sad day for me today as I've finally admitted to myself that it is time to stop breastfeeding my little monkeys. They are just not interested in mummy milk anymore. The world around them is far more interesting to be stuck on mummy's lap, feeding. So for the last time this morning, I took my little boys onto my lap, breastfed them together (tandem), then apart for the very last time...

I took some pictures so that I can look back and reminice, then officially closed down the "Milk Bar" (my hubby's phrasing, not mine - he brought a whole new meaning to the line "the milky bars are on me"!). I feel relieved and sad all at the same time. I was never sure I'd be able to BF the twins, but I promised myself I'd try and I think I have done brillliantly, considering how hellish the first month. I should be happy I've done it this long and that I can finally have my boobs back, but it kind of feels like it's admitting they are now longer babies anymore but on their way to toddlerhood - I waaaant my babies baaaaaaaaaccckkk!!!

I'll miss the cuddles and that special feeling I got when they snuggled up against me, suckling away, sighing contentedly as they fell asleep in my arms. I will miss how they would dive into my chest, pulling at my top, trying to get to their mummy milk. I will miss that no matter what upset them, or how upset they were, it could all be so solved and the tears would immediately stop just by breastfeeding them. And most importantly I will miss the one-on-one quality time I had with each twin as I fed them.

So it's an end to one chapter, and I'm sure the beginning of a whole lot more. Four more weeks and we'll be celebrating their first birthday. I cannot believe how quickly a year has gone by - and more importantly, I cannot believe I survived it!! Must be made of stronger stuff than I thought.... Right, I'm off to chuck away my ugly nursing bras and buy some new underwired bras that will mean my breasts will be back to where they belong, rather than down my knees! Hubby is in for a treat, no more granny boobs! :)

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