Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Shower me with love

We had a baby shower yesterday. First one I've ever attended (or thrown for that matter) so it was interesting to set up. At least it gave me something to do, other than sitting on my sofa and sleeping! Considering we are amateurs at the whole baby shower thing (until now, it's not a very common thing in the UK), it went rather well and we had fun. Thank you to all my friends and family who attended, and for all the lovely gifts. We were truly spoilt. When I first told one of my sister's that I was going to throw a baby shower, she said "but the babies aren't here yet, who are we meant to shower??" Bless, her! I explained to her that you don't shower someone literally, it's just called that, to which she replied "oh good, cos I thought seeing as the babies aren't here, we were going to wash you!" What a horrifying idea - although saying that, it has been a looong time that my feet got a good scrub, so it would probably be quite helpful to get someone to wash me.....

I will be 32 weeks on Wednesday and I have to say, I'm reaaally feeling it now. I just ache all over, I can no longer walk, I've been sleeping on the reclining sofa for the last 2 weeks as I cannot lie in bed comfortably, feel like an overturned tortoise while trying to get out of bed and cannot really eat much as I have no space left in my stomach. The movements and kicks of the boys are very strong and intense now and actually hurt. So to say I'm starting to struggle, is an understatement. How am I going to cope for the next 5 weeks???

On the upside, I am getting alot of sleep at the moment (I keep dozing off on the sofa, I feel drugged!) so I'm hoping that when the boys are here and screaming in unison at 3am in the morning, I can look back to this time and think "well you had your share of sleep for the year, now get on with it" and hopefully this will be some sort of comfort to me...I know what you're thinking - I'm deluded! Just remind me of these words when I'm complaining about the lack of sleep in a few weeks time!

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