Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Life is a rollercoaster?? Stop I wanna get off!!!

The last 6 months has been like a rollercoaster. So many highs and lows that I'm dizzy from it all. I cannot believe that my beautiful boys are going to be 6 months next week (3rd Jan). Already half a year has flown by. I look at them through my bloodshot sleepless eyes and I'm filled with awe.

Yet I'm also filled with fear - "please don't wake up baby, mummy needs to pee!" "Have 10 more minutes sleep sweetheart, mummy needs to wash" and my personal favorite thought "please don't dive into my chest baby, mummy's nipple needs to heal, otherwise it will drop off"!! Even as I am writing this, I have one of my cheeky chappies on my lap, desperately trying to get to (his) booby. I have become a cow, always ready to be milked! (is that even a word??)

I have never been so in love, or so exhausted in my life. I am totally obsessed with these little miracles, but also slightly peeved off (yes I admit it - but I am only human) that I have no life at the moment. I do not recognise myself anymore. The groomed, witty, intelligent Naz has gone, to be replaced with a gibbering, sleepless, messy wreck who can only comprehend baby talk! Am I making any sense?? Probably not. Am I contradicting myself?? Hell yeah - but what do you expect from a woman that has about 3 hours broken sleep (if i'm lucky) ever night for the past 6 months?

Having twins has taught me so much. I never realised how much patience I really had in me if I just practiced it. Never realised how much love could pour out of every pore and how that love can be split equally between all three of my beautiful boys. Never realised how much guilt a mother feels when she thinks she's failing and realises that no matter how much she loves all her children, sometimes its impossible to split your attention three ways. Never realised how I could control my bladder so well and hold my pee in all day until bedtime becuase I just don't have time for loo breaks (oooh the glamourous life of being a twin mum). Never realised just how selfless I can be...

Yes it's hard work. You have no idea how hard, unless you are in the same position (or unless you are superwoman). I have so much admiration for twin/multiple mums, and I can now spot them a mile off (and not because they have twins with them smartarse!) as they are the ladies who look slighlty unkempt, a little dazed and confused with bloodshot eyes, but with an air of strentgh and extreme determination about them. Cos you have to be a strong woman to survive twins. A friend of mine told me that God only sends twins to strong women as we are the ones that can handle them - how right she was!

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