Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Playing hide & seek behind the tv!

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Getting to know you, getting to know all about youuuu....

You know the feeling you get when you meet someone new and you're in the early stages of your relationship where you are getting to know each other? The excitement you feel when spending time with them? The warm feeling inside when they look at you as if you are the most important person in the whole world? Well that's how I've been feeling these last two weeks. And who is the man making me feel like this I hear you say...Well there is two men making me feel like this. Two very special, gorgeous little men. Yes, you guessed it - Kaan and Kerem are responsible for the love bubble state that I'm going round in.

These last two weeks, my little men have changed so much, it's as if I am getting to know the "real them". At nearly nine months old, their little personalities are coming through, making me fall in love with them all over again. They are two of the cheekiest, funniest, cutest little boys ever. They clearly take after their big brother, who I'm sure has been giving them lessons in cheekiness on the sly! They have learnt how to clap on demand, wave, motion you to come with their hand, say grandpa in Turkish (dede) say mum in Turkish (anne, pronounced anneh), say come on in Turkish (hade) - all in the space of a couple of weeks! It's truly amazing how much they've developed in such a short space of time.

Their personalities are so different, both so special in their own way, that no matter how identical they may be, there is no mistaking who's who. Kaan is our little "Kirby" or "Teddy" as we like to call him. My mum calls him Kirby because he will eat absolutely anything you give him (he even devoured grapefruit!) and he eats so quickly - just hoovers it all up! Hubby and I call him Teddy as he is the most cuddliest baby ever. He loves being cuddled and kissed and squished and in return gives us lots of cuddles and kisses. He's definately the bossy and more sociable one of the two, always smiling and babbling at everyone, demanding they pay him attention & grabbing the toys of poor Kerem, even though he will have exactly the same toy in front of him. People always zone in on him first as he's very smiley and "talkative".

Kerem is "my little sparrow". I gave him this nickname from birth as he was just so tiny and fragile looking, that he reminded me of a baby bird. Funnily enough that nickname still applies, but for different reasons. He coos and makes the most adorable noises like a little bird and when he gets excited he starts flapping his arms, like he's trying to take off. He's a little bit more reserved and serious. He's more cautious of people he doesn't know, staring at them seriously, before even considering giving them a smile. Everyone thinks he's too serious and not a very smiley baby, but he just likes to suss you out first, before bestowing you with the most brightest, cheekiest smile ever. If you are patient enough to wait and play with him, you will be rewarded. He is more independant. He doesn't like too many cuddles and kisses - they have to be on his terms and when he's ready to give them to you. At first I thought that he didn't bond with me as well as Kaan and even told my mum that he seemed to prefer her to me as he seemed happier in nana's lap than mine, but in the last few weeks I'm started to get his personality more and our bond has become stronger because of it. I now know that patience and perseverence is the key to unlocking Kerem's heart and getting those sloppy kisses from him.

Tomorrow is my birthday. If anyone had told me a few years back that I'd be celebrating my 31st birthday with three beautiful boys and I'd be a twin mummy I'd have laughed in their face. Having twins has been the biggest shock ever - I never wanted twins (I just never considered the possibility), I just assumed we would have one more baby and that would be our family. BUT the moment I knew of the twins existence, my life changed forever. They are my destiny and I am totally in love with them. I am so glad they chose me as their mummy. Tomorrow will be one of the best birthdays I will ever have, as I have three little sets of chubby arms ready to give me cuddles, and that's the best birthday present I could ever wish for!